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Hi Tennille,

The presentation you did was extremely valuable for our grade one students!  Many of our students have not had the opportunity to visit a dentist yet and you are their first “teacher” of dental hygiene other than their  classroom kindergarten and grade one teachers.  I believe the information coming from you (a Dental Professional) is more “meaningful” to our students than information coming from us as classroom teachers.

Our students very much enjoy your presentation because they can understand everything you are explaining to them (you do a great job of talking to 6 year olds!)  Mr. Molar was a bit hit!

Regarding the time of the presentation- I think 45-50 min would be just about right.  That way it doesn’t seem rushed and the kids have a chance to ask questions.

As teachers, we plan our guest speakers but of course let our principal know who will be coming in and the purpose of the visit.

I think this presentation would benefit all grade one students in our division and it would be great if you could visit more schools!

Also, the bags provided were excellent and I know many of our students would have benefitted from their new toothbrush!

Taken from Program of Studies:

demonstrate positive hygiene and health care habits; e.g., habits to reduce germ transmission, habits for dental hygiene

If you have any more questions or I can help further, just let me know.

Jolee Simmons-Kulak

Grade One Teacher

Brookwood School

To  Whom  it  May  Concern;

I  am  a  kindergarten  teacher  at  St.  Marguerite  School  in  Spruce  Grove  Alberta.    For  the  last  seven  years,  my  classes  have  had  the  privilege  of  learning  about  dental  care  from  Tennille  Needham.    She  provides  an  excellent  presentation  for  students  to  help  them  learn  how  to  care  for  their  teeth.    She  has  made  herself  available  to  our  students  in  her  own  time  as  she  is  passionate  about  promoting  dental  health  for  our  children.

In  her  presentation,  Tennille  has  prepared  different  activities  to  keep  student  interest  and  encourage  dental  hygiene.    She  brings  with  her  many  props  and  teaching  aides  to  engage  student  interest.  Her  interactive  backboard  has  colour  pictures  of  sugary  foods  VS    better  choice  foods;  and  a  large  felt  tooth  with  felt  pieces  of  plaque  for  visual  cues.    The  kids  love  watching  how  she  flosses  the  germs  off  with  the  large  yarn  thread  that  fits  in  the  board.    She  also  brings  an  interesting  story  that  the  children  enjoy  listening  to,  a  large  toothbrush  and  teeth  set;  and  other  props  like  photos,  a  dragon  stuffie,  timers,  and  a  tooth  costume  “Mr.  Molar”  who  pays  us  a  visit.

As  she  puts  on  a  mask  and  gloves  and  demonstrates  how  she  checks  teeth  with  real  dental  tools,  the  children  can  see  that  a  dentist  and  hygienist  will  “tickle  their  teeth”  to  make  sure  they  are  healthy.    She  also  brings  a  “loot  bag”  for  the  children  with  toothbrushes,  flossers,  cleaning  chart,  colouring  sheet,  a  little  book,  and  a  dental  information  pamphlet  so  parents  can  review  what  their  child  has  learned,  and  how  to  contact  a  dentist  in  our  community.

I  would  absolutely  recommend  Tennille’s  program  to  any  and  all  schools.    This  presentation  is  a  great  reminder  to  all  children  of  how  to  properly  care  for  our  teeth.    As  Tennille  asks  our  kindergarten  students  how  many  children  have  already  seen  a  dentist,  it  is  interesting  and  shocking  to  see  how  many  more  children  need  to  have  their  first  visit  to  the  dentist.    As  these  children  are  five  or  six  already,  it  is  very  important  for  children  to  know  that  they  should  be  seeing  a  dentist  to  have  their  “teeth  tickled”  and  to  make  sure  they  do  not  have  any  cavities.    It  is  helpful  for  parents  to  be  reminded,  even  by  their  children,  that  they  need  to  book  an  appointment,  and  having  a  dentist  card  in  the  bag,  might  be  what  they  need  to  get  the  wheels  in  motion.

I  know  Tennille’s  presentation  sticks  with  kids  as  they  talk  during  snack  time  about  which  foods  help  clean  their  teeth!    She  is  a  great  asset  to  our  health  program  and  I  think  that  all  classes  that  get  to  have  her  come  in  are  lucky  to  have  her  share  her  expertise.    I  have  really  appreciated  her  efforts  in  encouraging  proper  dental  care.

Please  feel  free  to  contact  me  if  you  have  any  questions.


Nicole  Arrowsmith

Kindergarten  Teacher

St.  Marguerite  School,  395  Grove  Drive

Spruce  Grove  AB  T7X  2Y7